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Kinect Again

One of the only downsides I ran into when upgrading to an XBOX One S (XB1S) was the fact that I couldn't use my Kinect for voice commands anymore.

That's because the smaller, more portable XB1S doesn't have a built-in Kinect port.

To address this, for a limited time Microsoft is offering a free Kinect power supply and adapter to users who like me upgrade from an XBOX One to an XBOX One S.

However to avoid fraudulent requests and supply just one free adapter per customer, Microsoft does require the serial number of the XBOX One, Kinect, and XBOX One S to process the request.

And honestly that's why it took me nearly six months to fill out the form! The thought of pulling everything out to grab the serial numbers lead to some serious procrastination.

But with a new year comes new goals, and one of mine is to be proactive, so I went ahead and pulled all three items out and filled in the request form.

Fortunately, I only needed to fill in the two XBOX serial numbers, as my original XBOX was bundled with a Kinect and Microsoft was able to look up it's serial number for me.

Once submitted, it didn't take but a week for the adapter to arrive.

However when it did come in, it came in an over-sized box, packed in another over sized-box.

Not the kind of “shipping flamboyance” I expected from a free adapter…

That said, after setting everything up I really was surprised how much I missed using my Kinect for voice commands.

I think I literally said it a half dozen times during a co-op session with friends.

XBOX, record that. XBOX Broadcast, XBOX Unsnap. XBOX, man I've missed my Kinect!

So if you've also upgraded to the XBOX One S but haven't requested a free Kinect adapter to reconnect it, I highly recommend taking a moment to request one as it's time well spent to re-enable all those great XBOX One Kinect voice commands.

Until next time, Peace!

Greylock3491, fix your Webstore!

Like many people I know, I'm a long time customer of Microsoft which is one of the biggest and richest companies on the planet.

I'm also a happy XBOX gamer and Live subscriber. Well, most of the time.

This holiday I received an XBOX Live points / cash card (or whatever they call it now) and decided to buy two small games that were on sale for the holidays.

The first was for Xbox One, and everything went smoothly.

However when I purchased the second game for my 360, it totally ignored my gift card and used my credit card instead.

Let me just say UGH! Really, I would rather not have the game, then have paid for it using my credit card versus my gift card balance.

And I just don't understand how a multi-billion dollar company allows such sub-standard software to process orders in the 21st century?

But wait, there's more…

So being a little pissed off, I removed the payment option from my Xbox account so my future purchases would be forced to go against my existing gift card balance, now sitting there lonely and unused.

Then when the free games with gold games came out for January, I figure it would be a good idea to start getting the 360 games as well as the Xbox One games since the 360 games are all backwards compatible (BC) now.

And to avoid having to juggle two consoles (and the fact you can't buy BC games in the Xbox One store) I fired up the Xbox One browser and attempted to get my free Xbox 360 “game with gold” from

Except, this is where it fell apart again. Would not let me get my FREE game because I don't have a payment option on my account anymore.




Hey, Microsoft and XBOX execs… could you please take a break from rolling around in your billions of cash reserves and  hire someone with basic skills to fix your broken webstore?!?!

I mean really, if your website is so bad that it is going to ignore my existing balance and change my credit card when I make a purchase, AND also thinks I need a credit card on file to download a FREE GAME that come with my already paid for subscription, then your webstore is obviously BROKEN.



PS – I did finally get my free game. I had to fire up my old XBOX 360, go through the steps of buying the game for $0, then cancel the game download since if I play it, it'll be on the Xbox One using BC.